Meet the Governors


Meet the Governors


In line with the School Governance Constitution Regulations 2012, the school’s Governing Body was re-constituted with effect from 23 March 2015. 


The Governors can be contacted at


Current membership of the Governing Body is as follows:
Natalie Bird

Curriculum; PHSE and RSE

Having moved back to England from South Africa, where I sat on several school committees and boards, I feel I offer a new and fresh approach to Overstone's Governing Board. I love getting involved and stuck in, and feel a school should be like a family, all working together to help our children grow.

As a mum of three, I am always on the go, while helping my husband with his two businesses, one in finance and one in home services. I also work as an Appropriate Adult ensuring children and vulnerable adults have their rights met. I am currently studying Criminal and Child Psychology to help me both in my career and in supporting the school.

In my spare time, I love long walks and fun days out with my family, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Kirsty Eales


My name is Kirsty Eales and I am the Headteacher at Overstone Combined School. I joined the school in September 2020 following headship at 4 other schools within Buckinghamshire.

I have been a teacher for over 20 years and worked across the county in both town and village schools. I am passionate about providing our children with high quality education in an effective learning environment and this is something we do well at Overstone.

As the Headteacher of the school I attend all governor meetings and governor training. We work together to provide the best opportunities for each and every child and through careful monitoring we ensure that each child has the chance to shine.

In my spare time I enjoy baking with my family and meeting up with friends.

Steve Fuller

Co-chair; EYFS; Performance Management

Term of Office 13.03.2019 - 12.03.2023

Having been a Governor for nearly 9 years at a previous school, I have always found it be a rewarding and enjoyable way of being part of our children’s lives and an active role in the future development of the school. When we moved Jake to Overstone, I was keen to continue to give back and support in the same way and am enjoying my time so far.

I am a Management Accountant, now employed in the software consultancy world where I use my finance skills, analytical mind and willingness to challenge to support and develop my team and organisation. I hope to bring that, and my previous experience in many aspects of Governorship at a Primary School, to Overstone

I enjoy being part of all that the children do with sports and other activities, watching sports, going to watch Luton Town, travelling and just spending quality time as a family.

Stephen Gates

Co-chair; Health and Safety

Term of Office 03.01.2016 - 10.12.2023

I am a senior manager in a national Environmental Services business and studied Forestry and Woodland Management. We moved to Wing in 2010 and my daughters Rosalie and Alice are at Overstone. My family has connections with the village that go back almost 200 years.

My work includes business development and delivery of projects in high compliance areas such as rail and highways and I have many years of experience of leadership of teams across the UK. My roles have also given me experience of budgeting, audit, health and safety and business turnaround.

As a Governor I want to help Overstone be the best it can be, develop an understanding of the world of education, support my children as well as the other children at Overstone and the wider Wing community.

When I am not working I enjoy taking an active role in Rosalie and Alice’s lives, supporting my wife Tracy who also has a demanding career, walking our dog Tilly, watching cricket (my regular playing days are behind me now), keeping fit and active, cooking and motorsport.

Ms Claire Hooley

Safeguarding; Curriculum

I have worked as a Science teacher in secondary schools for 18 years. Over the past 16 years, I've held additional responsibilities as a leader in a variety of roles. I have experience in training/mentoring teachers, curriculum development, strategic management, as well as pastoral leadership.

At the centre of my work is the drive to always ensure the best outcomes for students and staff. Becoming a governor has provided me with the opportunity to use my enthusiasm and skills within the wider community.

I am passionate about lifelong learning, so discovering similarities and differences between primary and secondary schools has been a great learning opportunity. I have been able to use this new knowledge in my work as a teacher and school leader.

I look forward to being part of the future for Overstone Combined School.

Cathryn Siddall

SEND and Pupil Premium; Personal Development

Term of Office 30.01.2017 - 29.01.2025

Committees: Curriculum; Personal Development

I have been a governor at Overstone since January 2017 and my daughters both attend the school. My specific role is to support the provision for children in receipt of pupil premium funding and for those with special educational needs.

By profession I am an organisational development consultant. I work with directors and their leadership teams to create plans to realise their business strategy and ambition. My skills include organisation design, culture and leadership development, and coaching.

My family enjoy adventures in our old camper van, canoeing, cycling and walking our dog.

Ellie Thompson

Equalities; Sports Premium; Performance Management

Term of Office 16.07.2019 -15.07.2023

One of my main reasons for becoming a Governor was, having moved to the village a couple of years ago, I wanted to contribute to the community. I see the school as a key part of the community and thought that my skills and experience would be put to good use as a Governor.

I think it is important for schools to have input from people with a variety of skills and experience including from those of us that are not directly involved in the education system. As a Governor I contribute skills and experience I have gained as a HR professional in a commercial business environment such as coaching, workforce planning and change management. I also participate in Governor training which is helping me to develop skills and knowledge to further contribute to the School.

With 2 children under 3 and a full time job my ‘spare time’ is usually spent with my family. However, to unwind I enjoy baking and trying new recipes but you won’t be seeing me on Bake Off any time soon.

Dave Varey

Performance Management

Term of Office 01.11.2016 - 30.10.24
(Member of the Governing Board prior to current term)

A resident of Crafton and then Wing for 36 years, all my children went to Overstone School, with the last one leaving in 2001. I have been a Governor, or Associate Governor of the school for 29 years, fifteen of which I was the chairman of Governors until 2014.

I regard Overstone as a very important part of the Wing community and simply wish to make as much effort as I can to help it be successful.

I have run my own award-winning IT and software development business in Milton Keynes for 40 years in which I employ approximately 60 people. I have run a charity, organised music festivals, and many other events.

I love looking after our grandchildren for at least a day every week. I am member of Wing Singers as well as the Wingrave Community Choir, play various musical instruments, love all sports but can physically only play golf now, spend time gardening and growing our own vegetables and fruit, and help my wife train medical detection dogs. I have spent months at a time travelling in remote parts of the world, including Uganda where my wife and I help to fund a school for deaf children.

Helen Walsh

Vice Chair; Wellbeing; Communications

Term of Office 24.06.21 - 23.06.2025

I have three children at Overstone, all enjoying the great setting they are in. I wanted to join the Governing Board not only because I wanted to increase my own understanding of their education, but also to help the welfare and academic progress of all the pupils at the school. I am passionate about helping Overstone to further its vision for the future, while knitting it together with the local community.

I am a freelance science communicator working on writing, design and branding projects for a range of environmental organisations, charities and government agencies. With nearly 20 years’ experience in a marketing environment, and an extensive scientific background, I hope that my skills will be valuable to the school. Being a Governor has also given me new skills – it is incredibly rewarding, and I am learning a lot!

In my spare time, I love going to the zoo with my children, baking, walking and doing a bit of keep fit. A good movie night never goes amiss either!

Mark Watson

Data Protection

Term of Office 23.03.2019 - 22.03.2023
*Governor at Cottesloe School

 *Since 1st September 2015, schools are required to publish on their website details of any 'pecuniary interests' held by governors. This means any personal or business interest that could possible cause a 'conflict of interest' in their role as a governor. This is shown under the term of office in the Governor's biography.

 Pupil Discipline - the committee is made up of any 3 governors except The Joint Chair or Staff Governors

Staff Appeals - the committee is made up of any 3 governors from the Staffing Committee