Maths Overview

At Overstone Combined School, we believe that mathematics is important in everyday life. We endeavour to ensure that all our pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them beyond their time at our school. The Mathematic Curriculum has been mapped out to ensure revisiting of key knowledge throughout the year. Allowing pupils, the opportunity to recap on previous learning, building on their knowledge and understanding in new, related areas of learning.

As a School we use The White Rose Maths Scheme to support teachers with the planning, delivery and engagement of mathematics. We tailor this to the needs of our pupils, whilst drawing on wider resources as required.

Mathematics equips pupils with the essential tools to understand the world. It provides opportunities to develop important intellectual skills in critical thinking, problem solving, patterns, relations and functions, creative thinking and communication.

Maths Showcase
Maths: Intent, Implement, Intention
Maths Curriculum Overview and Progression
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