Parent Teacher Association

The PTA committee is very active, but is always looking for some new volunteers. Please see below for the present committee members and do get involved, even if you think you cannot contribute a lot. You may have some fun ! For more details on how to get involved download the info sheet below 'Get involved with the PTA'.

Every little helps

The PTA have paid for coaches taking children to numerous events over the years including performances at the Royal Albert Hall, the National Gallery, pantomimes at the Milton Keynes Theatre, the Stoke Mandeville games and Whipsnade Zoo.

The PTA organises the annual 5th November fireworks display as well as the summer fete. The PTA has also organise Junior Discos, Muffins with Mum, Doughnuts with Dad, Christmas raffles, Christmas Cards, Christmas Bazaar and the MacMillan coffee morning.

PTA People
Emma Purbrick (Chair)
Jane Holliday (Secretary)
Louise Evans (Treasurer)
Mr Williams(Teacher representative)
The Team: Sarah Dunn, Sally Dwyer, Clare Eadie, Lisa Fletcher, Michelle Freeman, Lucy Hankinson, Alison Gorst, Fiona Phimester & Pam Tucker.