Emergency Closure Procedure

Emergency Closure Procedure 16/17


Communication of closure will be through a number of means :-

          Email: Parents will be contacted by e-mail or text message

          Bucks CC Web site: www.buckscc.gov.uk/closures

          Local radio: If you suspect a problem, listen to MIX 96 or HEART local radio who will provide 
information on all local school closures.

          Via Volunteer Parent Contacts: It must be emphasised that you are expected to phone the 
volunteer parent contacts rather than vice-versa. In the event of an emergency the school will 
contact the Volunteer Contacts. Please refer list which has been issued separately.

          Notice at the school gates: You should inform your child that if they arrive at school unaccompanied they must come in to school to be dealt with by a member of staff.

In the event of closure during school hours, these methods will be our main means of communication to parents:

                                        Local Radio MIX 96 and Heart

                                        Emergency Volunteer Parent Contacts

                                        Via ParentMail (e-mail and text)

Please be aware that in these circumstances of high usage, texts may not be received for some time.

No children will be released from school care until normal closure time unless they are accompanied by an authorised adult. It will be assumed under these circumstances that an “authorised” adult will be any person designated as an emergency contact on the school’s data base. 
In all circumstances the safety of the child will be regarded as paramount.

Please do not telephone the school as you will block our phone lines when we will be needing to call the volunteer contacts.

Emergency Volunteer Parent Contact details are issued separately to parents during the autumn term.