Behaviour expectations


At Overstone:

We behave with care and consideration towards other people and their property.

We are well mannered and show respect to everyone we meet at school.

We always try to understand other people’s views.

We make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn.

We are considerate and move about the school sensibly.

We listen.

We take care of our school property and the environment.


As pupils:

We always try our best at all times.

We are proud to wear our school uniform.

We are only in the school building during lesson times.

We are ready to start lessons promptly with all equipment ready including correct P.E. and forest school kit.

We always show good manners and behave sensibly at all times in and out of school.

We arrive in school on time and go straight to class.

We always respect opponents, officials and show good sportsmanship when representing the school during sports events.


In the playground:

We walk our scooters at all times on school premises.

We walk directly to and from the playground.

We play sensibly and respectfully towards others.

Only balls provided by the school can be used.

We behave appropriately in the quiet area (no running, shouting, climbing).

We sit or stand to eat our fruit.

We do not go on the field during first break time.

We do not climb trees or play with sticks.

We always stay in sight when we are on the field.

If we hurt someone we tell the adult. If we accidentally hurt somebody we apologise.

We are polite and listen to all adults and care for each other.

We use Huff and Puff equipment on the playground.

If we are feeling sad or lonely, find a Buddy.

When the whistle is blown once we stop and stand silently. When the whistle is blown again, we walk sensibly to our line. We stand silent, straight and still.

September 2016