Parental Behaviour Policy

A copy of this policy can be downloaded using the link below. Paper copies of the policy can also be made available, please request this through the school office.




At Overstone Combined School we have good relationships with our parents and value the contribution that parents/carers play in the life of the school and in their children’s education. We provide many opportunities for parents to engage with school life including parents’ evenings, invites to school events and participation in special celebrations.

We want all parents/carers to be confident that there are safe arrangements in school to keep their children safe. As part of our safeguarding procedures the school has put in place this parental behaviour policy to ensure that behaviour from parents does not cause the children and staff in school to feel distressed, threatened or unsafe.


We believe staff, parents and children are entitled to a safe and protective environment in which to work. Behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to users of the premises is contrary to the aims of the school.


That parents communicate within the school environment in a pleasant and courteous manner without causing distress or offence to adults or children.


  •          That adults set a good example to children at all times, showing them how to get along with all members of the school and wider community.
  •          That no members of staff, parents or children are the victims of abusive behaviour or open to threats from other adults on the school premises.
  •          Physical attacks and threatening behaviour, abusive or insulting language verbal or written, to staff, governors, parents and carers, children and other users of the school premises will not be tolerated and will result in the withdrawal of permission to be on school premises.
  •          Any parent who is asked to leave the school premises will have the right to appeal the decision by writing to the Chair of Governors.

Please note that incidents of rudeness will be logged with the Chair of Governors.


Types of behaviour that are considered serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated towards any member of the school community (This is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behaviour):

  •          Shouting, either in person or over the telephone
  •          Inappropriate posting on Social Networking sites which could bring the school into disrepute or be deemed as bullying
  •          Speaking in an aggressive/threatening tone
  •          Physically intimidating, e.g. standing very close
  •          The use of aggressive hand gestures/exaggerated movements
  •          Physical threats
  •          Shaking or holding a fist towards another person
  •          Swearing
  •          Pushing
  •          Hitting e.g. slapping, punching or kicking
  •          Spitting
  •          Racist or sexist comments including sexual innuendo

Persons Causing Nuisance/Disturbance on School Premises

School premises are private property and parents have been granted permission by the school to be on school premises. This permission can be withdrawn and a parent banned from the school premises where there is evidence of abuse or threats to staff, pupils or other parents.

School is not responsible for organising arrangements for children to be brought into school in the above circumstances. Parents will need to provide alternative arrangements for bringing children into school.

It is also an offence under section 547 of the Education Act 1996 for any person (including a parent) to cause a nuisance or disturbance on school premises. The police may be called to assist on removing the person concerned.

Abusive phone calls

Calls will be terminated if a parent/carer shouts or is abusive over the telephone. Calls will also be terminated if a parent/carer speaks in an aggressive or intimidating tone over the telephone. The Head Teacher, with approval of Governors may consider communicating via email if deemed necessary.

Inappropriate use of Social Networking Sites

Social media websites are being used increasingly to fuel campaigns and complaints against schools, head teachers, school staff, and in some cases, other parents/pupils. The Governing Body Of Overstone Combined School consider the use of social media websites being used in this way as unacceptable and not in the best interest of the children or the whole school community.

Any concerns parents/carers may have must be made through the appropriate channels by speaking to the class teacher, Senior Leader, the Headteacher and lastly the Chair of Governors, so that they can be dealt with fairly, appropriately and effectively for all concerned.

In the event that any pupil or parent/carer of a child/ren being educated at Overstone Combined School is found to be posting libellous or defamatory comments on Facebook of other social network sites, they will be reported to the appropriate ‘report abuse’ section of the social network site. All social networks sites have clear rules about the content which can be posted on the site and they provide robust mechanisms to report contact or activity which breaches this. The school will also expect that any parent/carer or pupil removes such comments immediately.

In serious cases, the school will also consider its legal options to deal with any such misuse of social networking and other sites. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly is the issue of cyber bullying and the use by one child or parent to publicly humiliate another by inappropriate social network entries. We will take and deal with this as a serious incident of school bullying.

Unacceptable behaviour may result in the Police being informed.

The school reserves the right to take any necessary actions to ensure that members of the school community are not subjected to abuse. Parents have the right to appeal by writing to the Chair of Governors, within 10 days of their permission to enter the school premises being withdrawn.


It is the responsibility of the Head teacher and Governors to monitor and annually review this Parental Behaviour Policy.

Procedure to address inappropriate behaviour by adults on the school site

At Overstone Combined School, we operate a ‘zero tolerance’ of the use of inappropriate behaviour anywhere on the school site.

**Inappropriate behaviour means disrespectful conduct towards people or property within the school site